Online E-Modules

Online E-Modules

Asthma Action Plan

Review the control criteria for asthma; understand the components of an asthma action plan; know the evidence for use with your patients.

Spirometry: A Clinical Primer 

Demonstration of appropriate forced expiratory maneuver. Understand the criteria for spirogram acceptability and repeatability and reviews quality control measures.

Asthma CME

Updated e-module on the Evidence-Based Clinical Review Asthma Case Series – Adult & Preschool Asthma

Diagnosis & Management of Work-Related Asthma for Healthcare Providers. Visit E-module to access


The Emergency Department Asthma Care Pathway (EDACP) is an evidenced-based standardized approach to treating acute asthma exacerbations for Adults (16+ years). A Paediatric-EDACP is also available for children ages 1-17 years. To take this course and for more info click here!