The Lung Association’s Provider Education Program wishes to thank all participants for sharing their knowledge and experience during the production of this CD-Rom. We would like to express our appreciation to the following individuals who provided thoughtful and strategic input throughout the careful planning process.

Development by:

M. Diane Lougheed MD. MSc, FRCP(C),Associate Professor, Department of Medicine,
Division of Respirology, Queen’s University Director, Asthma Program, Kingston General Hospital

Sharon Dell, BEng. MD, FRCPC. Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Clinician Investigator, Division of Respiratory Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children

Dilshad Moosa, BSc, RRT. CAE/COPD Ed., Program Manager, Provider Education Program, The Lung Association

Jennifer Olajos-Clow, RN, MSc,APNIACNP, CAE, Advanced Practice Nurse,
Asthma Program, Kingston General Hospital

Ana MacPherson, RRT, CAE/COPD Ed. MSc, Asthma Education Program Coordinator,The Credit Valley Hospital

Debbie Coutts, RRT, CAE/COPD Ed. Coordinator for Pulmonary Rehab Program, Credit Valley Hospital

Ann Bartlett, RN. MSc(c), BScN. CRE, Nurse Clinician, Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health,
St. Joseph’s Healthcare

Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, RN, MN, ACNP, Associate Chief, Nursing & Interprofessional Education Family Centred
Care, Senior Consultant, The Hospital for Sick Children

Gloria Alfred, BA., Program Assistant. Provider Education Program. The Lung Association

We would like to thank Credit Valley Hospital for allowing us to film at their site. We also gratefully acknowledge all the volunteers who participated in the filming of the CD-Rom.

Permission for use of Inhalation Devices Assessment Tool (IDAT) has been granted by Dr. Barbara Davies, Co-Director, Nursing Best Practice Research Unit, University of Ottawa School of Nursing. IDAT tool adapted from Cicutto. L. Devices Technique Assessment Form 7C.

Funding for this production was made possible by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MoHLTC) and an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca & Trudell Medical International.