Inhalation Devices

Inhalation Devices: Techniques and Procedures

For most individuals with asthma, inhalation medication remains the mainstay therapy for the treatment of asthma. The Canadian Asthma Consensus Guidelines (CACG) suggests that more than 50% of patients use their inhalation devices inappropriately, reducing the effectiveness of the medications. The guidelines recommend that the best delivery device that suits the need of the patient should be selected when prescribing medication. Health care professionals should teach the correct inhalation techniques when devices are being prescribed and dispensed. (Level1)

The Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS) Provider Education Program developed an educational CD-Rom on Inhalation Devices in an attempt to improve the understanding of asthma devices and inhaler technique amongst health care providers. The premise being that this knowledge will translate into an improvement in patient outcomes.

The goals with the CD Rom are the following:

  • • To improve HCP knowledge on inhalation devices and inhaler technique.
  • • To provide helpful tips on how HCP can educate patients on taking their medications correctly.
  • • To showcase the devices available and the variations between them.
  • • To emphasize the need for spacing devices with metered dose inhalers (MDIs).
  • • To explain how to care for the devices.



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