Asthma Program

Asthma Program (AP) is an evidence-based program that supports best practices for addressing asthma across a variety of health-care settings and community environments, where people with asthma live, learn, work and play. The goal of the AP is to reduce mortality, morbidity and health care costs for children and adults with asthma through integrated initiatives focused on health promotion and prevention, management and treatment and research and surveillance. The initiatives are based on the Canadian Asthma Consensus Guidelines and the Canadian Thoracic Society Guidelines for occupational asthma. A unique feature of the AP is the partnerships that have been formed to develop, implement and evaluate programs.

Work-Related Asthma Provider Education Project

The Lung Association – Ontario Thoracic Society Provider Education Program (PEP) in affiliation with McMaster and in collaboration with the Work Related Asthma Committee are leading the Work-related Asthma Provider Education Program intended to provide primary care healthcare providers with up-to-date guideline-based continuing medical education on work-related asthma. Education may be through workshops and problem-based self-learning modules.

Industry Education Project

In Canada, work-related asthma (WRA) is the most common chronic occupational respiratory disease. To help reduce the high financial and human health costs of WRA, The Lung Association-Ontario in collaboration with Health & Safety Ontario (HSO) and the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) create awareness of WRA among employers and workers in high-risk industries, with a focus on early recognition and prevention through workshops and published learning materials.

The workshop, along with informative handouts, will focus on a practical framework for:

  • the recognition and management of work-related asthma in the workplace
  • the identification, reduction or prevention of workplace exposures
  • where necessary, how to seek support for affected workers


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